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Xiaomi LYEJ05LM Mini Earphone Global Version Review

Xiaomi has got a new headset: the Xiaomi LYEJ05LM Wireless Earphone, which is popular in the market since its release. The earphones are available in two colors – Black and White. Let’s find out more.

This Xiaomi LYEJ05LM only weighs 4.5 grams, that is very lightweight and comfortable to wear that you feel nothing in your ear. In addition, it is designed to be molded to the ear, so it is hard to fall out while you are on the move or doing sports. The headset also comes with 3 types of rubber to be adapted to any type of ear. There is a single button for multi-operation function. Moreover, the Xiaomi LYEJ05LM has an IPX4 protection that can resist the sweat and rain.

Xiaomi LYEJ05LM is also impressive in terms of audio quality. It has a solid 7.2 mm dynamic driver installed, which has advantages in the low-frequency range and powerful voices, so that music can play perfectly when wearing. There is also a MEMS microphone, which is equipped with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation feature. You can answer and make calls with great sound quality, giving you greater calling experience.

When it comes to connectivity, Xiaomi LYEJ05LM is also good enough. It is compatible with a wide variety of terminals and smart devices that support Bluetooth 4.1, which can ensuer the speed and stability of connection. Besides, its range reaches up to 10 meters.

Xiaomi LYEJ05LM Headset has a 40mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts no more than 1 hour in full charge, which offers you about 3 hours of music time. The earphones suppoer magnetic pogo pin charging, which is safe and convenient.

The Xiaomi LYEJ05LM Mini In-ear Earphone will be a good choice for those music lovers who want a pair of affordable headset. It could be a nice music companion when you are traveling or exercising. You can grab it at Gearvita with a cheaper price.

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