qcy t1c mini for sale

QCY T1C Bluetooth Earphones test – better than Xiaomi Airdots wireless headphones?

As we all know, Xiaomi earphones have a place in Xiaomi products. Today we will introduce you one wireless headset, which is similar to Xiaomi Airdots wireless headphones, and we will research if QCY T1C Mini Bluetooth Earphones is better than Xiaomi Airdots.

qcy t1c mini earphone for sale
qcy t1c mini earphone for sale

The height of QCY T1C is still very clear and clean, especially at the top. Lower levers may be slightly weaker, depending on the song and how the bass is added.

The QCY T1C Bluetooth Earphones feature auto-pairing, four hours playtime, a Bluetooth 5.0 Realtek chip and weigh in at 40gm. They also ship with a small charging case with an integrated battery. The case can charge the earphones even while disconnected from power, and it gets the job done in two hours.

QCY T1C Mini Wireless Earphones in stock
QCY T1C Mini Wireless Earphones in stock

The auto-pairing feature works as advertised. After the first manual pairing, the earphones automatically pair with my iPhone as soon as I take them out of the charging case. It’s a nice change as I have a huge list of Bluetooth devices and sorting out which is which is a hassle I could do without.

For true wireless headphones, the QCY T1C in our test is relatively small and compact. Of course, the small size is perfect for a comfortable fit. QCY T1C is very light and unobtrusive in the ears like Xiaomi Airdots. In addition, they are well kept in the ears, even while running, there were no problems with headsets falling out.

QCY present a pretty solid pair of Bluetooth earphones with the T1C earphones. With the T1C you’d get an easy-to-use, good sounding wireless set of earphones for a bargain price. And it is difficult to find a competitor in the price range, for example, like we mentioned in the beginning of this review, maybe QCY T1C Mini Wireless Earphone is better than Xiaomi Airdots, at least for the similar external and in sound.

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