Pod Juice PJ5000 Series Kiwi Dragon Berry E-juice


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Pod Juice PJ5000 Series Kiwi Dragon Berry E-juice is a 30ml vape juice available in either 35mg or 55mg nicotine salt options. This e-juice boasts a delightful blend of fruit flavors, including kiwi, dragonfruit, and berry. It’s known for its popularity due to the distinct and well-preserved flavors of these three unique fruits.

With just one puff, you can savor the exotic tastes of these fruits, each with its own profile. The nicotine salt is easily absorbed and effective, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience. With a 50% VG and 50% PG ratio, it’s a well-balanced choice. Made in the USA and manufactured by Liquid Labs, this e-juice guarantees quality and delivers three different fruit flavors in a single bottle.

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