Every night brings you into the colourful world – Mijia bedside lamp 2 review

Entering the smart family era, bedside lights, is your home still in the traditional style? It is well known that the first generation of Mijia bedside lamp has been loved by the majority of Xiaomi noodles and consumers. Not long ago, a new rice bedside lamp produced by the Xiaomi ecological chain on Xiaomi bedside lamp 2. Let’s take a glance look.

Personally, it seems to me that it looks very much like Apple’s HomePod speaker. It is quite solid (weighs 780 grams) and very stable, being quite difficult to tear even when it is accidentally touched. On the back is provided with 3 antiadhesive feet, for better stability.

Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL LED Bedside Lamp 2 review
Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL LED Bedside Lamp 2 review

The following are on the side: the On / Off button, a lighted touch potentiometer (adjusting the light intensity) and of course a color change button. Practically, you can control the lamp without the need for a phone or application. For a more complex configuration, you need a phone.

With the app, you can set different scenarios (night mode, romantic mode), schedule to start at a certain time, change colors based on room music (use your phone’s microphone to recognize background music), or you can use the camera phone to set the exact color you have in the girl at the time.

It works perfectly with Echo Dot and I think with any other voice assistant. It has a maximum power of 9 watts and the light generated is the right one for the bedroom – you can read without problems when the brightness is set to the maximum.

buy Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL LED Bedside Lamp
buy Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL LED Bedside Lamp

In general, the Xiaomi Mijia MJCTD02YL bedside lamp 2 is the same as the old one, as we pointed out in the evaluation, but if you want a new, modern design light, you can generate enough light for the ordinary room. Then it definitely deserves all the money.

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