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Is Hellvape Fusion R Kit Easy To Operate?

I would like to introduce to you a small electronic cigarette, hellvape fusion r kit. The design adopts a relatively compact square design, which is not only easy to hold in the hand but also fits in the pocket. There are eight exquisite colours for you to choose from, each of which is stylish and elegant.

hellvape fusion r kit uk

Featuring an 800mAh battery for battery life, the type-c charging interface allows you to charge at any time. The attached LED light can remind you of the power status so that you can charge it at any time. Red means the power is less than 20%, blue means the power is between 20% and 60%, and green means the power is between 60% and 100%.

Paired with a 2ml hellvape fusion pod, the bottom is connected by a magnet, which can be easily installed and removed. The e-liquid can be filled through the side, and its visible window can help you check the e-liquid situation in time for filling in time.

There are two different resistance values, and the adapted power is also different. You can pair them according to your needs for heat and inhalation methods.

There is an airflow adjustment button on the side, through which you can get tight or loose airflow. Fusion R provides six protection modes, including Short Circuit, Low Resistance, Low Voltage, Low Battery Protection, etc.

As a pod kit, its design is more user-friendly and comprehensive. If you are looking forward to this product or want to know more information, I recommend you to browse it in the best vape shop.

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