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Is Uwell Cravat Pod kit one of the most compact vape pod systems?

Today’s show opens with an upcoming novelty from the Uwell brand, which has finally and irreversibly moved into production of pod systems – Uwell Cravat Kit.

Uwell Cravat Kit review

Dimensions: 103 x 19.3 x 9mm
Weight: 21.3g Body
material: aluminum alloy + plastic
Power supply: built-in 300mAh
Cartridge capacity: 1.5ml Vaporizer
resistance: 1.2Ω
Wattage: 9W
Working mode: Power

So Uwell Cravat Pod belongs precisely to the hidden “manor”, and he is the simplest representative of this segment. Let’s get acquainted with a pilot project for a new and potentially promising line of branded compact devices.

Appearance corresponds to padding and function – simplest/easiest. From the decoration, maybe it’s a model’s logo.

In this release, developers rely on something completely different – an enviable compactness. This pod system is actually a stick, but what–the height is barely more than 10 centimeters, and the thickness is generally less than 1 centimeter.

The weight naturally turns into a penny, too, and that’s with a durable metal case. The starting palette of design options is excellent in terms of variety – the classics, as usual, are the suppressed few.

Uwell Cravat Kit for sale

Removable uwell cravat pod cartridges come with flat mouthpieces and have a modest capacity – even below par. Refueling on the side is not easy.

The evaporator is built in and the heating element is in the form of a grid made of iron-chromium-aluminium. Resistance is naturally designed to work in tandem with high nicotine e-liquids. The structure does not provide adjustment of the tightening strength.

The battery is a built-in one – naturally with a modest capacity too. There is still hope for the latter’s high-speed charging. By the way, for this process, a modern style port is provided, which is located on the back of the device.

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