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Is SMOK Novo 4 Mini kit – far from “new” ?

Hello, dear friends. We have today the first update of the giant SMOK this year, which finished last year only in second place in terms of productivity. One of the most massive and popular lines of the brand, the Novo family of pod systems, has undergone an update. Without further ado, I propose to get acquainted with SMOK Novo 4 Mini kit.

Dimensions: 91.6 x 24.5 x 16mm
Weight: 50g
Body material: metal + plastic
Power supply: built-in 900mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml
Evaporator resistance: LP1 coils
Power: 6 – 25W
Voltage range: 3.0 – 4.0V
Operating mode: Power
Supported Impedance: 0.6 – 2.5Ω

The look of the new product repeats the corporate design of the series – it’s still a fairly compact stick with a flat profile. He may have only been given the “mini” designation in name, as it’s actually only a few millimeters smaller than its namesake older brother.

Size & Design
It also lost only a little weight. The starting palette for the design is very rich – there are both classic and original “prints” here. Adjusting the tightening intensity did not change the design – the swivel disc on the front panel of the novelty.

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The removable Smok Novo 4 mini cartridge https://vapesourcing.com/smok-novo-4-mini-pod-cartridge.html, most likely, is also borrowed from the ancestor of the same name, its capacity is usually small, the filling is not quickly accessible from the side, the mouthpiece is flattened.

In the line of evaporators serviced by a cartridge, everything is expectedly unchanged – the LP1 family of coils is involved. The set will include only one representative of this family, made on a grid, but in double quantity.

But the control panel has undergone major changes. The display and the setting key disappeared from it, leaving only the LED indicator of the charge level of the built-in battery to rest in splendid isolation. Activation of the Smok device, as before, is achieved exclusively by tightening.

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