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Hippovape Halo Stick POD kit – the swivel ring is not an easy decoration

Today, this program will be opened through a simple pod system, and the equally mediocre starter kit will continue to play. Generally speaking, expect a fasting day just an informational day. Introducing half an eye for Hippovape Halo Stick Pod kit.

After releasing an interesting stick-shaped module, Hippovape decided to relax and take a break from the appliances of watts, external batteries, and other seriously regulated equipment. This is why the unpretentious one-off ES and simplified pod system began to appear in its classification.

Hippovape Halo Stick Pod System Kit review

Dimensions: 103 x 19mm
Case material: stainless steel + plastic
Power supply: built-in 850mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2.5ml
Evaporator resistance: 1.5Ω
Voltage range: constant 3.6V
Operating mode: Power
Protection: low/high resistance, overheat, short circuit, overcharge / over-discharge
Connector type: magnetic
Shield / diagonal : not provided

The appearance of the kit is the most common-vape pen shape, matte gradient color, durable metal case-which may be a complete and brief description of novelty. Yes, there is also a cartridge made of transparent plastic, a model logo, and a groove ring at the bottom, but these are quite “pretty” features.

The detachable ink cartridge is slightly larger than the standard capacity, and the side refill is not quick to access. Can monitor the liquid level. The fixation of the reservoir is naturally magnetic, and the mouthpiece is flat.

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The whole set of equipment provides two pod cartridges at a time because the evaporator is built into it. The developer provides the latter two types of heating elements-grid and regular spiral. Charging is done using modern Type-C connectors.

In addition, the developers decided to hide the latter unpretentiously in an extraordinary way. The risky rotating ring we talked about at the beginning hides this connector. In addition, it remains relatively clean. By the way, the same ring is a regulator of the strength of the puff-an an original solution, don’t you think?

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