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Rapoo M200 Colored Wireless Silent Mouse – Colorful Starry Night Give You A Summer in Riotous Profusion

From the manuscript to the gorgeous transformation of industrial products, the Rapoo M200 wireless silent mouse perfectly explains what is the industry model and high specification manufacturing. Slim shape + original art illustration, changes the black and white main tone of previous office equipment, make this summer more colorful.

Rapoo M200 Colored Wireless Optical Mouse

The M200 features a symmetrical design of the left and right hands, which fits the curve of the palm and provides an excellent grip. The mouse is small and thin overall, suitable for small and medium hand users, very convenient for both daily office working and business trip carrying.

The M200 is equipped with original illustration color shell, which is colorful and stylish. The upper cover is treated with frosted material, with delicate texture, anti-skid and anti-sweat, the roller of the mouse is designed with anti-skid grille for smooth sliding.

In order to meet the needs of individualized people, the Rapoo M200 has launched five colors of magic purple, pink, lake blue, purple red, and sky blue, which are derived from five original starry night illustrations, and meticulously presented with the support of thermal transfer technology, allowing you to instantly immerse yourself in the quiet starry sky. If you are a person who loves art, then it must be your best choice.

Rapoo M200 Colored Wireless Mouse

The M200 is equipped with a stable and reliable 2.4G wireless technology, covering a transmission range of 10 meters, with strong anti-interference ability.

The M200 is equipped with a high-precision invisible light tracking engine, with a maximum DPI of 1000, sensitive response and accurate positioning, and not easy to lose frames during fast operation.

After a number of professional and rigorous tests, it can gallop on the surface of multi-media such as leather, cloth, paper, wood, resin, etc., so that you can get into the working state at any time and anywhere.

In the dead of night, a little noise will affect your thoughts. The Rapoo M200 wireless mouse is designed with intimate mute design, which can effectively reduce the noise when the mouse is clicked. It is suitable for use in libraries, dormitories, offices and other environments, bringing you a quiet space to help you focus on the task at hand.

Rapoo M200 Wireless Optical Mouse

So small and unobtrusive, no need to install any software, just plug the receiver into the computer’s USB interface, then you can use the mouse, saving time and worry.

High performance used to mean high energy consumption and low battery life, but thanks to Rapoo’s self-developed low-power energy-saving technology, the M200 further reduces power consumption while ensuring excellent performance, and can automatically enter the sleep state according to usage. status. With this technology, the M200 can last up to 12 months with one AA battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes.

For only $25.99 on gearvita, you can get such a stylish, thin and colorful wireless mouse with comfortable feel, powerful performance and long lasting. Don’t miss it if you are interested.

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