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All-round Bracelet! Huawei Honor Band 5 Released: Added Blood Oxygen Detection

The smart bracelet is the smallest portable smart device that basically does not feel the weight when worn. Even with a small volume, the health monitoring function of bracelets has become more and more comprehensive in recent years and has become the new favorite of many young people. When generation after generation of bracelets are not satisfied with simple heart rate and sleep monitoring, but continue to deepen into the more subdivided field of sports and health, health management has become a standard configuration for smart bracelets. Of course, there are also people who are suspicious: Is the monitoring of various physical indicators of the smart bracelets a publicity stunt or is it true and effective?

The Honor bracelets are also constantly transforming. The first generation of Honor bracelet broke the positioning that traditional bracelets can only exist as mobile phone accessories. The Honor band 3 created such selling points as continuous heart rate monitoring, professional sleep monitoring and 50 meters waterproof, etc. Honor band 4 is ahead of a number of competitive products to be equipped with color display screen, opening the era of bracelet color screen.

On July 23, the much-anticipated Honor band 5 was officially released. This time, the Honor band 5 broke through again, added the blood oxygen detection function on the basis of the predecessor. This is Honor’s first cross-border fusion of three major health factors of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and sleep to scientifically monitor, and obtained the certification and endorsement of professional institutions.

Huawei Honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet

Honor band 5 brings together all the advantages of the current bracelets on the market, including AMOLED full-touch color screen, blood oxygen saturation detection, real-time heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep monitoring, and ten sports modes.

In appearance, Huawei Honor band 5 continues the design of previous generation, positioning the color screen health sports bracelet. It adopts 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen with 240 × 120 resolution and 282 ppi, covered by 2.5D arc glass, which is more scratch-resistant. It provides multiple dials for you to replace at will, while supporting third-party custom dials. There will be more dials later, with the midnight black, meteorites black, coral powder, olive green four colors, highlighting the unique personality of young people.

A major upgrade of the Honor band 5 is the addition of blood oxygen detection function. Like heart rate and blood pressure, oxygen saturation is also one of the important vital signs, 90% is the watershed of healthy blood oxygen. Symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, and memory deterioration are sometimes the embodiment of blood oxygen below 90%. In severe cases, it will directly impair bodily functions. Some high-intensity mental workers, severely snoring patients, and high-altitude sports enthusiasts need to pay more attention to blood oxygen changes.

The Honor band 5 fuses multiple light sources, take advantage of the characteristics of different reflection absorption rates of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin to specific light to take measures such as signal extraction, signal enhancement, algorithm training, abnormal suppression and more to measure pulse blood oxygen saturation, and presented as a percentage on the screen. The test is divided into four levels, and the lower the value, the higher the risk. 90%-100% belongs to the normal range; 89%-70% needs to reduce activities and pay attention to rest; ≤70% is a serious level, should seek medical advice promptly.

At present, the most common testing equipment on the market is finger sleeve type blood oxygen detector, which has a single function and is inconvenient to wear during normal activities, has relatively weak practicality. Some bracelets with blood oxygen detection are expensive and not cost-effective. In contrast, the Honor band 5 is a reasonable existence, one is the price sincerity, and the other is indeed a risk prevention effect for young people who often stay up late and use excessive brain.

Huawei Honor Band 5 Smart Wristband

When many people just started using the sleep monitoring function of the smart bracelet, feel it is very interesting when they see data such as light sleep and deep sleep, but the understanding of these data is a bit shallow. In fact, the presentation of multiple sleep data is the basic function of the bracelet, the ability to analyze your sleep state based on your sleep data and make targeted personalized suggestions for sleep improvement is what you need to pay attention to.

HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 scientific sleep monitoring of Honor band 5 can identify your sleep time and wake time, and judge your sleep state, including light sleep, deep sleep, REM rapid eye movement and awake, and gives the corresponding sleep recommendations according to your sleep quality. And it will automatically convert to non-visible light to monitor heart rate at night, to avoid nighttime light interference.

The application of heart rate monitoring function is relatively wide. Whether it is daily life or exercise, continuous and accurate heart rate monitoring allows us to keep abreast of changes in the body, maintain heart health, and exercise more effectively. The Honor band 5 uses HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 intelligent heart rate monitoring technology, which supports 24-hour dynamic continuous heart rate measurement, combined with the built-in high-precision AI algorithm, the comprehensive accuracy of up to 97.8%, comparable to professional heart rate band.

Honor band 5 supports the current popular sports modes and covers all daily sports. Compared with the previous generation, three new sports modes of elliptical machine, indoor walking and rowing machine have been added to meet the professional needs of indoor fitness users. Moreover, you don’t need to carry your mobile phone with you or operate on the phone, you can directly operate on the Honor band 5, and then synchronize the data to the APP to observe the data analysis, which is very convenient.

For people who like to swim, the Huawei band 5 supports 50 meters waterproof, and is equipped with a six-axis sensor that automatically recognizes the swim stroke, record the speed, number of turns, distance, calories, average SWOLF and other data.

For each sport mode, Honor band 5 also provides target and interval reminder settings. According to different sports modes, set the target value that suits you, and set reminder mode, such as kilometers, interval time and so on. Even without a mobile phone, the Honor band 5 can display information such as running distance, accumulated time, heart rate, heat and stride frequency, so that you can know what is going on, thus achieving true scientific fitness.

Huawei Honor Band 5 Smartband

In the past, the watch is just used to check the time, now raise your wrist to see the Honor band 5, you can check important information such as SMS message, imcoming calls, etc. Up to 45 characters can be displayed on the screen, different content is marked with different colors. For busy young people, this is an upgrade of fashion trends.

Finally is the most concerned endurance ability for everyone. The AMOLED color screen of Honor band 5 has the advantages of high definition and low power consumption, plus the third-generation high-performance battery, system-level optimization and ultra-low power MCU, in the case of closing some functions that require real-time monitoring, the Honor band 5 has a long life of half a month. Even if all the functions are all turned on, there is a week of endurance without charging, enough for daily use.

From heart rate to blood oxygen to sleep, from daily life to exercise, Honor band 5 monitors all kinds of important data of the body 24 hours a day, its professionalism is certified and affirmed by major authorities. It is a very trustworthy “body steward” to protect your health. For the young people, its stylish appearance, personalized color screen, rich sports modes, etc. are all full of attractiveness. Full-featured and professional, focus on healthy sports and with trendy personality, if you are still skeptical about the practicality of a smart bracelet, try the Honor band 5 on gearvita.

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