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Xiaomi Yijie YE-01 Wireless Handheld Sweeper – Easy Garbage Sweep, Clean without Trouble

Dust is the enemy of human health, and a large amount of inhalation is likely to cause respiratory diseases. When using a traditional broom to sweep the ground, due to the long hair of the broom and the semi-open design of the cymbal, it is inevitable that flying dust will be generated, which is laborious and will also cause an invisible body burden. Xiaomi Yijie YE-01 wireless handheld sweeper quickly sweeps dust into the garbage box through the high-speed operation of dense short bristles, which makes the cleaning work easier.

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The two sets of roller brushes on the side and the middle use the spiral planting process, the bristles are tight and firm. The main brush adopts the V-shaped bristles design, and the continuous contact with the ground during operation does not cause an empty sweep. The main brush speed is 1300r/min, and the high-speed operation will throw the trash into the garbage box, which is not only efficient and fast, but also can avoid flying dust.

The two side brushes sweep the garbage on both sides of the sweeping machine to the middle, and then the main brush throw the trash into the garbage box, the combined working mode ensures that the dust does not leak. At the same time, the lengthening design of the side brush allows the sweeper fit the edge to clean, so that the corners of the wall are not missed.

The hand-held pole of the Yijie YE-01 sweeper can be rotated in the left, lower and right directions. You do not need to bend over when operation, and it can make a smart turn when encountering obstacles.

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The matching thickened non-woven fabric comes with electrostatic powder, which is resistant to friction and does not drop debris. It is attached to the magic glue hook of the baseboard of the Yijie YE-01 to effectively absorb fine dust and debris that are difficult to sweep up with brushes. Non-woven materials can be effectively degraded, can be directly discarded after use, without hand washing, which is environmentally friendly and convenient. There is also a matching double-headed scraper to clear the hair wrapped around the rolling brush during the cleaning process.

The Xiaomi Yijie YE-01 wireless sweeper features 2000mAh large-capacity battery, can be used for 2 hours on a single charge. There is no bondage of charging cable when using, so cleaning is more free, you can sweep wherever you want. The slim body of 57mm thick allows easy access to the bottom of the furniture to clean the dark corners that are easily overlooked.

The 350 ml large-capacity dust box is fully sealed and will not leak even if it is rotated arbitrarily. When clearing the garbage, you only need to press the button on the back of the dust box, which is easy to use.

Buy Xiaomi Yijie YE-01 Handheld Sweeper

The main panel has a pedal type switch that can be opened with a light tread without bending, and there is an LED indicator under the switch. It lights up in blue when working, the blue light flashes when the battery is low, the red light flashes when charging, and lights up in blue when fully charged.

The size of the main machine is 270mm × 170mm, the weight of the whole machine is less than 1kg. Light weight, simple appearance, it can stand for storage everywhere. The main machine is made of high quality ABS material, which is treated with matte finish, beautiful and durable.

Do you really want to lie in a clean and tidy room to chat or watch TV, but the cumbersome and tiring cleaning work always makes you unable to start? It’s time to update your cleaning tools, put on the Xiaomi Yijie YE-01 wireless handheld sweeper, which is available on gearvita.com, wireless operation, no flying dust, no need to bend over, let you quickly own a bright new ground.

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