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Tendency of True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Since the application of Bluetooth communication technology to the headset, the overall quality and function of the headset have undergone a qualitative change. From the original basic single function that only supports the call, to the now full-featured Bluetooth V5.0 technology, which is more more energy-efficient and convenient. A mainstream type that has grown up and gradually dominated the headset market is the true wireless Bluetooth headset.

Of course, the explosion of true wireless headsets has also benefited from the development of mobile phones. Since the wind vane Apple first removed the 3.5mm traditional headphone jack, more and more mobile phone brands have made the headphone jack correction strategy accordingly. The 3.5mm jack will one day exit the market, and this operation is pushing the development process of the headset “true wireless” from the roots.

Under this precondition, we must keep up with the trend of the times and take a look at the budget true wireless headset – Baseus W01.

Baseus W01 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The headset is mini and invisible, weighs only 5g. It features dual layer eartips and 105° oblique in-ear design that closer to your ears for a secure fit, and a 2000mAh charging box for magnet automatic adsorption charging and convenient storageto prevent earphones loss. The charging box is equipped with a power display function, the button can be used to view the current base power.

It is compatible with most Bluetooth devices on the market, automatic connects and matches when removed from the charging box. Thanks to the new generation V5.0 Bluetooth solution, Baseus W01 supports binaural stereo communication, has the advantages of less interference, no murmurs, stable connection and lower power consumption. Built-in high-definition decoder, with 8mm moving coil speaker unit, delivers HiFi mega bass, the sound is full without distortion, you will feel surrounded by a strong stereo presence.

An indispensable feature is DSP noise reduction, which allows you to maintain a clear communication even in noisy environments. The Baseus W01 TWS earphones allow for single or binaural switching, you can use separately for sharing music with others, or use them in pairs for bilateral phone calls. It adopts sweat-proof and water-proof structure, whether it is raining or sweating, it can’t stop your yearning for music. In addition, long press the button for 1 second can wake up the voice assistant, what you want, just speak.

Baseus W01 Wireless Earphones

Undoubtedly, the “absolute independence” of a pair of earphone cavities eliminates most of the wire troubles and caters to the user’s usage habits. No wire connection means that there is basically no “stethoscope effect”; cancel the traditional wire-controlled operation, so that various functions will be integrated on the earphone unit, and the operation mode is more ergonomic, which is why people prefer a true wireless headset like the Baseus W01. If you are also interested, you can check out the gearvita.

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