Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet 4 WiFi PC review – Snapdragon 660, enough for daily use

As a manufacturer who followed this field earlier, Xiaomi Pad finally updated to Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 in the middle of this year after three generations of product iterations. In the early stage of official micro-preheating, we have a general understanding of this new product, 16:10 ratio of 8-inch screen, Snapdragon 660 processor and LTE version, etc.

xiaomi mi pad 4 review
xiaomi mi pad 4 review

Appearance: very suitable for one-handed operation
Compared with the iPad with 9.7 and 10.5-inch screens, the Xiaomi Tablet 4 is undoubtedly superior in size. The width of 120.3mm is controllable with one hand, and the weight of 342.5g is increased compared with the previous generation, but it is still tolerated. At least for the small hand, it is no problem to hold the two chapters with one hand.

Functionality: reading, games, watching videos
The entertainment properties that come with the tablet can be roughly divided into three points: reading, games, watching videos. In essence, it is not much different from a mobile phone, but the larger screen and size determine the narrower use of the category.

xiaomi mi pad 4 for sale
xiaomi mi pad 4 for sale

Video experience: split screen feels very good
It’s absolutely common to watch a video with a flat screen, and the Xiaomi Tablet 4 performs very well in this regard. Of course, the big screen looks cool, and the second is the 6000mAh battery capacity. There is no need to worry about the battery life.

Looking at it, the easy-to-use system, the volume of one-handed grip, the long battery life and the good performance, these elements constitute the fourth generation of Xiaomi Pad, I personally recommend you to buy. After all, the price of $199.99, the early adopters are worth.

Xiaomi mi 4 pad after the 13 million pixel single shot, from the sample, the basic quality is still possible, but compared to the mobile phone is still worse, no matter the details or white balance are in short supply. But to be reasonable, it is enough to use the low-frequency use of the pad.

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