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i13 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones review – the same experience as the Apple AirPods

Hi, my friends, long time we have not introduce you products about TWS. Today i13 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones showed up in front of us. Anyway, what can the i13 TWS airpods clone cancel the i12 TWS and become the best AirPods 2 clone? Let’s take a look!

i13 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones review

i13 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones review

Coming to the design of these AirPods clones, let me straightaway tell you that these products have the ultimate motive of offering the same aesthetics that we can expect on the Original Apple AirPods. Unlike the i12 TWS, the all new i13 TWS is a complete replica of the 2019 Apple AirPods 2.

The very first thought that I had when had the oppurtunity to use the i13 TWS was that the company has made the i13 AirPods 2019 comparatively lighter to the i12 TWS. The product weighs as light as just 0.0350 kg. Which is a stunning good makeover considering that the case also supports wireless mechanism.

On the other hand the i12 TWS weighs as heavy as 0.0950 kg. So in the design perspective there isn’t any major makeover but this weight reduction has definitely enhanced the overall user experience.

Audio Quality
The most important thing to know before buying the i13 TWS AirPod Clone or even the original Apple AirPods is that these headphones aren’t specifically made for audiophiles. They are more focused towards “productivity”. Although this doesn’t change the fact that how good the i13 TWS sounds.

i13 TWS earphones in stock

i13 TWS earphones in stock

The i13 TWS doesn’t fit your ears perfectly it is due to the ergonomics that Apple has designed these pods. Unfortunately this means that the outside noise will easily find its way out and can be heard outside. To avoid this audio leakage you might have to turn the volume a bit down. This is an issue existing on both the i13 and i12 tws

The i13 TWS Earphone AirPods Clone and several other airpod clones have been out there in the market for a while now. Their availability for anyone and their affordability is what makes these clones a likeable choice to many users. Remember that these are definitely not audiophile grade earphones.

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