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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Human Body Sensor review: has a time delay function

The Xiaomi Human Body Sensor is suitable for all kinds of household environment and can be installed in different ways. For example – if you want to switch a smart lamp to a nightlight mode at movement detection option, the following problem may occur- when the lamp is already turned on at normal mode.

buy Xiaomi Aqara Smart Home Human Body Sensor

buy Xiaomi Aqara Smart Home Human Body Sensor

The Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor is molded from plastic, and it can be mounted on a surface, wall or doorpost. It is a very portable device, and it weighs only 0.18 grams. It has an anti-UV case design which delivers a fresh appearance of the sensor for a long time.

The Xiaomi Aqara Smart Human Body Sensor adopts the pyroelectric IR sensor system which detects heat reaction and gives alert when anyone or animal passes. It is designed with a polyolefin material optical lens which provides high-precision detection.

It comes with ZigBee wireless connection and has a detection distance of 7m with 170-degree detection angle. This product ships with an inbuilt 1pc CR2450 cell battery with a working temperature between – 10 – 45 Deg.C.

It is compatible with other Xiaomi smart devices and has a time delay function which can automatically shut down the air conditioning or TV when no one is around. It can put on the light when you just wake up from sleep and automatically turns on the night light when someone passes by.

This product comes with a notice function which alerts you via an app when your baby slips out or approaches a restricted area of the home.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Home Human Body Sensor review

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Home Human Body Sensor review

To connect the sensor, we should follow the same scheme – Xiaomi gateway plug-in, Add SubDevice, press the button on the side of the sensor and select the room and the icon.

The sensor does not have the separate plug-in – it only has a window with tow tabs- these are the list of options(scenarios) and work log. I will tell about the options(scenarios) later. There are lighting data in the work log.

In the setting window ( it is the button with three dots on the top right) you can find the change of name, the sensor’s icon and see the report on the levels of illumination in terms of days, weeks and months.

To sum up, despite my misgivings about the really flimsy cardboard packaging, if you already have the Aqara Human boby sensor, this is a really cheap and worthy addition to your HomeKit home, which in my case was a quarter of the price of the Hue Motion sensor (although it does have the aforementioned temperature sensor as well), so if you’re on a budget, this would be hard to pass up.

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