xiaomi mi 9 se 4g smartphone review

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Smart Phone Review – with New Snapdragon and uses pixel binning technology

Xiaomi claims the Xiaomi Mi 9 Se has the fastest wireless charging yet seen in a smartphone. Many people may think of last year’s Xiaomi Mi8 SE mobile phone, although Xiaomi Mi8 SE is a young. Today we will learn about this new type and hope you will enjoy read the review.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Smart Phone Review
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Smart Phone Review

The Xiaomi Mi 9 looks like a supercar as well. Sleek and curvy, the phone is made from glass, with Gorilla Glass 5 on the back, and Gorilla Glass 6 over the screen. The sides of the rear panel gently curve before meeting the chassis, making it immensely comfortable to hold. There are four different looks — a black version you see in our main photos, along with a blue, a lavender, and a transparent finish too.

It uses a proprietary technology built into a special wireless charger to pump 20 watts of power into the phone’s 3,300mAh battery. The claim was an hour and 40 minutes to full on the special wireless charging puck, but this is conservative, and it rockets to full in about 90 minutes. It is very impressive for wireless charging.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE for sale
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE for sale

From the comparison of the appearance parameters of the above Xiaomi Mi8 SE and Xiaomi Mi9 SE, the screen resolutions of the two mobile phones are basically the same, the difference is that the screen ratio of Xiaomi Mi9 SE is higher than that of Xiaomi Mi8 SE, due to the proportion of the body.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Smartphone has the latest Snapdragon processor, a modern design with a teardrop-shaped notch, and a better-than-expected camera system. The company’s Android skin, MIUI, is much-improved but still a divisive software experience. Overall it’s a great alternative to the OnePlus 6T (and eventually OnePlus 7) in Europe.

On the whole, the appearance of Xiaomi Mi9 SE is more beautiful than Xiaomi Mi 8 Se, so you could consider to have the more fashion one in gearvita.

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